SleepHalo Wireless Phone Charger

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Designed and Manufactured in the UK, SleepHalo™ allows users to wirelessly charge their mobile devices whilst enjoying protection from the associated radiation.

With thoughtful ergonomic design, SleepHalo™ can be used on either side of your bed. It comes complete with USB lead and Mains Plug.

Qi Wireless Charging – Compatible with most modern phones including Apple iPhones, Google, Huawei, LG, Microsoft, Sony. (Can be used just as a radiation shield for non-wireless charging phones).
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Introducing SleepHalo

How it works

SleepHalo is an inductive loop wireless charger encased within a beautifully designed plastic enclosure that incorporates Electro Magnetic Field shielding. The shielding is tuned to minimise the effects of radiation found in all mobile phones.

The genius of SleepHalo is that it allows the wireless device to continue to operate, whilst controlling the direction of radiation from the device.

Sleep Halo Wireless charging

Simple & Easy to Use

Wireless device charging. Just lay your device on the charger and relax.


Protects from Radiation

SleepHalo directionally protects from the radiation emitted by all mobile phones whilst still enabling the phone to continue to operate correctly.


Peace of Mind

Keep your mobile device charging close by without the worry of the associated radiation.


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